China Cetacean Alliance asks Hong Kong Ocean Park to consider a better future for the cetaceans in their care


Following recent uncertainty about Hong Kong Ocean Park’s future, The China Cetacean Alliance has teamed up with the Asia for Animals Coalition to ask the park to consider taking steps towards a more compassionate and sustainable model.

The two groups, representing 26 animal welfare and conservation organisations and their many followers, have urged the park to commission a comprehensive feasibility study, by independent experts, to explore the potential for a seaside sanctuary for the dolphins.  The letter asks Hong Kong Ocean Park to stop breeding their cetaceans and allowing people to interact with and feed the resident animals. The park’s recent commitment to ending animal performances was commended.

To read the full letter click HERE. 

This is not the first time the CCA and the AfA Coalition have worked together.  In October 2019, the two groups joined forces to tell UNESCO why dolphin driving must remain banned in their GeoParks.  You can read more about that and access the letter HERE.