China Cetacean Alliance

Welcome to the China Cetacean Alliance. The China Cetacean Alliance is a coalition of international animal protection and conservation organisations, comprising the Animal Welfare Institute, Born Free Foundation, Endangered Species Fund, Environment & Animal Society Taiwan (EAST), Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, Kuroshio Ocean Education Foundation, Life Investigation Agency, Marine Connection and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

The Alliance aims to raise awareness of the conservation and welfare issues associated with the capture of free-ranging whales, dolphins and porpoises (also known as cetaceans) and their subsequent holding in ocean theme parks in mainland China.

Following preliminary investigations, it is evident that the number of ocean theme parks in mainland China is developing rapidly, and the number of wild-caught cetaceans held within these facilities continues to increase. Alliance members have documented the arrival of hundreds of wild-caught cetaceans into Chinese ocean theme parks since 2010. Captive breeding of cetaceans in these ocean theme parks has been largely unsuccessful to date.

We are the only organisation specifically targeting marine parks and working to raise awareness of the activities of the marine park industry in China. We hold the most comprehensive data on facilities and undertake regular investigations with our specialists.

Imagine being forced to live your life in a small windowless room devoid of anything or anyone familiar to you.

The Alliance commissioned further investigation and research into the ocean theme park industry in mainland China. The results of this research and investigation were presented in a REPORT in 2015 and then a second edition follow up investigation report in 2019.

Conclusions drawn from this report are being used for a public awareness campaign to inform the Chinese public about the conservation and welfare concerns associated with the capture of free-ranging cetaceans and their subsequent holding in captivity in China.

We hope you find information on this site that is helpful in explaining our position on these issues. Please contact us if you have any questions.


China Cetacean Alliance